Dates & Places

Dates & Places

COVID-19 has obviously impacted our scheduled in-class commitments. In response, we are re-engineering some of our courses into webinars. These virtual learning experiences are open to the public (via various sponsoring organizations).

For specific information on how to register, ascertain fees or get a detailed copy of the curriculum, please contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate sponsor’s website or coordinator where applicable.

Given something known as “Zoom fatigue,” our current online offerings are presented in a series of three webinars of 2.5 hours each on separate days. Participants tell us this method has greatly helped their learning.

All courses contain a Pre-course Workbook of short tasks to ensure a better return of investment as well as supplemental instructional manuals that add to the online experience.

Complete up-to-date descriptions of the webinars below can be found here.

Fall 2020 Webinars (presentation times depend on your location):

•         Doing Business as Unusual, October 19-21

•          Building High Performance Teams, November 3-5

•          Conflict: Changing Viewpoints & Influencing Behaviours, Nov. 9, 10, 12

•          Doing Business as Unusual, November 17-19

•         Conflict: Changing Viewpoints & Influencing Behaviours, Dec. 8-10

Further courses from our inventory will be redesigned and updated for offering in 2021.

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