Dates and Places

Dates and Places

COVID-19 has encouraged us to embrace online learning.  Properly designed, this medium can deliver a superior learning experience as well as an opportunity for people across the country and beyond to take our courses.

Our courses are now available as a series of webinars ranging from one to seven sessions depending on the content and level of instruction. While targeted to the needs of sponsoring organizations, all are available to the general public. For information on how to register or to ascertain fees, please contact us and we’ll direct you to the appropriate sponsor’s website or coordinator where applicable.

All short courses and advanced programs are updated regularly to ensure they encompass the latest research and address attendee needs. All offerings include pre-course workbooks as well as supplemental instructional manuals designed to augment the learning experience. The current curricula for each can be found here.  Our custom designed “in-house” presentations are now also provided via video telecasting (webinars).

2022 offerings available to the general public (presentation times will depend on your location):

❏  The CEO Program: Leading with Purpose – June 6-9 & 21-23  (7 sessions)
❏  Conflict: Changing Viewpoints and Influencing Behaviours – July 19-21
❏  How to Hire the Best, Keep them and Fire the Worst – August 3
❏  Building High Performance Teams – August 16-18
❏  The Optimal Negotiator: For Serious Deal Makers Only – September 13-15 & 27-29  (6 sessions)
❏  Why Successful Companies Fail: Forewarned is Forearmed – November 8
❏  Smart Leaders 2024: Thinking & Innovation Skills – November 1-3 & 15-17  (6 sessions)
❏  Becoming … what you really want to be – November 22-24
❏  Conflict: Changing Viewpoints and Influencing Behaviours – December 6-8
❏  Building High Performance Teams – December 13 – 15