Doing Business as Unusual

Doing Business as Unusual

“While the world’s workplace has gone through extraordinary historic change, the practice of management has been stuck in time for more than 30 years.”   – Gallup, 2019

There are only two types of enterprises in the world today – those that get better and those that go out of business. This cutting-edge, counter-intuitive course will enable you to start important conversations about how to how to fix failing or broken practices by embracing ideas that run contrary to everything you’ve ever been taught about managing people and surviving in our uncertain and disruptive business world.

Among the questions today’s business leaders must ask is whether your core workflow processes and functions actually work as you hope they will? Does your growth strategy bring the changes you seek and do those who must ensure it happens understand specifically what they need to do in order to realize your goals?

Will your current corporate culture enable you to succeed? Does your budgeting process or HR practices, for example, add measurable value to the enterprise? Or are they just cost centres with a dubious ROI at best? And what mechanisms do you have in place to ensure your managers are practising what they are preaching?

This course is aimed at those who increasingly realize their out-dated approaches, warmed-over theories and same-old tools are not producing the results they seek. In our “black-swan” world of unanticipated events, traditional business practices require a major reassessment and overhaul, if not outright retirement. Where do you want to be – at the top of your game or left on the sidelines stymied by your entrenched way of doing business? In our hyper-competitive world, that is the avenue to extinction.

Discover how to release your organizational potential by embracing new ideas that eliminate the burdens of strategies that don’t (actually can’t) work, misaligned performance incentives, managers who intentionally or inadvertently thwart smart decisions, a culture that breeds entitlement, stress and inefficiency, and suffocating, inflexible controls that presume (non-existent) predictability, order and stability.

Some of the questions to be addressed:

  • Why are most organizations destined to fail?
  • Can accountants (CPAs) be game changers?
  • What actually drives organizational success?
  • Does budgeting provide the ROI you seek?
  • When you pay people, what are you getting back?
  • Are today’s managers worth the expense or anxiety?
  • Does performance-based compensation actually work?
  • Why let people work from home – what you get in return?
  • How should you evaluate your traditional core functions?
  • Why do the strategic plans of most companies never deliver?
  • How should you “rethink” strategy and replace the paradigm?
  • Does your current corporate culture enable you to succeed?
  • How do you build an innovative, high performance workplace?
  • How do you stop the insanity and ensure you survive and thrive?