Doing Business as Unusual: There must be a better way!

Doing Business as Unusual: There must be a better way!

There are only two types of enterprises in the world today – those that get better and those that go out of business. This cutting-edge, counter-intuitive course will help you start important new conversations about to how to fix failing or broken business practices and survive in our ambiguous, unpredictable world. Current techniques and tools, designed for simpler times, can no longer cope with today’s complexity and instability. Einstein once said insanity is doing the same thing while expecting different results. Does that notion define your workplace? The new world order is nonlinear and volatile, far too complicated and overly sensitive to chance events and unexpected disruptions. Yet we continue to prepare budgets and strategies all in a misguided effort to predict, command and control. Isn’t it time you asked why your strategy doesn’t work, why budget efforts are futile exercises, why core functions add cost but little value and why your culture breeds entitlement, among other assumptions that don’t pan out? This webinar series was designed for those who realize their outdated approaches, warmed-over theories and same-old tools aren’t working anymore.

Part 1: The new reality – what, why, how and whether you can do it?

Part 2: Game changers – novel ideas for unpredictable times.

Part 3: Innovate or perish – how to stop the insanity.

*  Includes a Pre-course Workbook and  an instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.