Conflict: Changing Viewpoints and Influencing Behaviours

Conflict: Changing Viewpoints and Influencing Behaviours

Conflict is a daily reality for all of us. In our personal and business dealings, we invariably encounter visceral disagreements and disputes. For many reasons, people are crankier and the conflicts we experience in life are on the rise. When mismanaged, this disruptive, debilitating and destructive force leads to escalating anxiety and takes a devastating toll on relationships. While most shy away from it, properly handled, conflict is an opportunity for progress, growth and mutual profit improvement. Knowing how to prevent unproductive conflict is critical to your emotional health, personal credibility and business success. Knowing how to build trust, establish rapport, align with different personalities, be disagreeable with escalating differences, and handle unreasonable requests are learnable skills. If you’re uncomfortable with conflict, overly accepting of obnoxious behaviour or suppress your true feelings just to accommodate others, this webinar series was designed for you. It will show you how to get off the defensive, deal with miserable, insensitive and frustrating people, and transform intimidation, criticism, emotional blackmail and gamesmanship into cooperation.

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Part 1: The fundamentals of conflict management and confrontation.

Part 2: How to deal with criticism and difficult or pathological behaviours.

Part 3: Prevention – How to avoid or de-escalate unproductive conflict.

*  Includes a Pre-course Workbook and an instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.