Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams

Companies live or die on the quality of their managers. As the stewards of culture, they are the lifeblood of organizations. But much of what they do too often makes it difficult for people to get their work done or even want to stay. Gallup, venerated for decades of credible research on team performance, tells us only one in ten can be a high-performance manager. And metadata says the practice of motivating higher productivity, greater efficiency and accountability hasn’t budged in over 30 years. More than ever before, particularly in the post-Covid era, mangers are overwhelmed, confused and under-skilled. And this creates significant risk to performance management, employee well-being and brand reputation.

What managers believe drives performance, especially for younger workers, no longer does. Only 16% of employees are considered to be fully engaged; the rest are just coming to work to collect a pay cheque. Every business leader knows employees are their biggest expense and only opportunity for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Yet solid evidence indicates they’re largely unfocused, stressed out, distrustful and entitled. If these symptoms don’t characterize your workplace, you’re either lucky, complacent or not paying attention.

Learn how to diagnose and remedy your team’s capability to work smarter and accomplish more in less time, how to encourage genuine two-way feedback, become stress and dispute free, and “turn on” the new generation of knowledge workers who will ultimately determine your fate. You must know the #1 cause of low performance, what sustains it and the reasons people leave their jobs (retention being less expensive than recruitment). Above all, you need to learn the new rules of the post-pandemic workplace, what micromanagers believe and how to change that thinking, what to do when workload really is an issue, why and how the culture map needs to be rethought, and what are the most powerful productivity tools ever invented.

This three-part webinar series is designed for those who want to take their game to a higher level and who seek to genuinely inspire, challenge and keep those who will determine the fate of their enterprise. Includes a Pre-course Workbook and an instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.

Part 1: What is a high performance team and how do you build one and then manage it? The 15 critical questions you need to answer to get there.

Part 2: What are the elements and capabilities that ensure sustainable competitive advantage and highly motivated employees?

Part 3: What are the essential tools and metrics for increasing productivity and efficiency while lowering stress and team dysfunction?