Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams

Companies live or die on the quality of their managers. But so much of what they do often makes it difficult for people to get their work done. The science of performance management offers compelling new insights on how to build great teams. Unfortunately, the actual practice of motivating productivity, efficiency and accountability hasn’t budged in over 30 years. What managers think drives human performance, especially for younger workers, no longer does. Only 16% of employees are fully engaged; the rest are “just coming to work.” Every business leader knows workers are their biggest expense and best opportunity for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Yet today’s research says they’re unfocused, stressed out, distrustful and entitled. If these symptoms don’t characterize your workplace, you’re either lucky, complacent or just not paying attention. This webinar series is designed for managers who want to genuinely excite and keep those who ultimately determine their fate.

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Part 1: What is a high performance team and how do you build one and then manage it? The 15 critical questions you need to answer to get there.

Part 2: What are the elements and capabilities that ensure sustainable competitive advantage and highly motivated employees?

Part 3: What are the essential tools and metrics for increasing productivity and efficiency while lowering stress and team dysfunction?

*  Includes a Pre-course Workbook and an instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.