Becoming … what you really want to be

Becoming … what you really want to be

This course is about the rest of your life. What kind of existence do you seek for yourself? What do you want to change about the personal or professional challenges you face? The question isn’t whether you can succeed; it’s whether you will choose to do so. There are few things we cannot accomplish. Most of what we don’t is because we won’t. And there are many reasons why this is the case. Ignoring that reality makes us the architect of our own misfortune. Why spend the rest of your days doing what you don’t enjoy or what doesn’t fully nourish your soul? Is being “just OK” the legacy you desire? Don’t regret a life half-lived.

If, despite your many talents and innate potential, you haven’t arrived where you really want to be, are at a crossroads, between jobs or simply looking to get off the treadmill, this life-altering course was designed for you. It outlines the path and provides the tools and motivation to follow it. We can all do remarkable things when we acquire the essential skills and understand precisely how to navigate the daunting obstacles life throws at us. A 50 year-old female CPA recently said this about her experience: “I can’t recall when I enjoyed and learned so much from a class.” You’ll never look back on your regrets after taking this unique, inspiring learning experience.

Part 1   I can’t vs. I will: Self-talk, vision, luck, destiny and priorities – the critical questions you need to answer to get there.

Part 2  The basic tools: A map, a compass and a flashlight – the necessary skills that enable flight.

Part 3  Becoming extraordinary: Dealing with gatekeepers, power, politics, risk taking, essential trade-offs and sustaining the motivation to succeed.

 *  Includes a Pre-course Workbook and instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.

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