Becoming … what you really want to be

Becoming … what you really want to be

This course is about the rest of your life. You were born to do something meaningful … is that what you’re doing now? What kind of existence do you seek? What do you want to change about your personal or professional goals? Life is not a linear progression and sometimes we get stuck on a path leading nowhere. Is the life you’re living the one you had hoped for? The question isn’t whether you can succeed on a different path; it’s whether you will choose to do so. If you’ve never thought about what you could become, how will you recognize the opportunities to become it? Isn’t NOW the time to “change it up”? If you choose to ignore that reality, you are the architect of your own misfortune.

Many find themselves in less than fully satisfying jobs, with doubtful prospects for advancement. The further you go in your present calling, the more your autopilot kicks in and steers you down the glidepath you’re already on. Your career is your business and you are its CEO. Sooner or later, something fundamental will change. There are no exceptions to this rule. The average person goes through 3-5 major disruptions in their life. Are you brave enough to see them, accept the transitions and embrace the consequences?

There are few things we cannot accomplish. What we don’t is simply because we won’t. And there are many reasons why this is so. But ignoring that reality makes us the architect of our own misfortune. Are you alert to the signals that will impact your future? Have you plateaued? Do you feel things are going downhill? Are you telling yourself “it won’t happen to me”? Why spend the rest of your days doing what you don’t enjoy or what doesn’t fully invigorate and nourish you? Is being “just OK” the life you choose?

If, despite your talents and innate potential, you haven’t arrived where you really want to be, are at a crossroads, between jobs, looking to get off the treadmill or worried your company is stagnating, then this life-altering course was designed for you. It outlines the path and provides the motivation to follow it. We can all do remarkable things when we acquire some essential guidance and understand how to navigate the daunting obstacles life can throw at us. What’s the plan for your one precious life? It’s not the actual plan that’s important, it’s the planning. And the time to start planning and the best time to rewrite a new life story is now. You’ll never look back on your regrets after taking this unique, inspiring learning experience.

Part 1   I can’t vs. I will:  Self-talk, vision, luck, destiny and priorities – the critical questions you need to answer to get there.

Part 2   The basic tools:  A map, a compass and a flashlight – the essential skills that can enable you to soar.

Part 3   Becoming extraordinary:  Dealing with gatekeepers, power, politics, risk taking, paradoxes, trade-offs and the motivation to succeed.

* Includes a Pre-course Workbook and instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.