The Game of Life – Relaunch

The Game of Life – Relaunch

I am pleased to announce that The Game of Life, first published in 1997, has been revised and updated in e-book format to reflect the changing realities and challenges of the world in which we reside. It is now available on Amazon – click here to find it.

At the time of its inaugural publication, there were no e-books. Yet the original version has been shipped to places as far flung as Stockholm, Sydney, Singapore and San Francisco. My reason for updating the material, and my sincere hope, is that this electronic edition will generate an even wider audience. (Also, as an e-book, it goes for one-quarter the price.) More than ever, I fervently believe there’s no greater need for humanity than a deeper understanding of the merits of realistic coexistence.

The concept of “a game” is more than a metaphor. Changing how we look at things changes what we see. This new perspective – seeing others with fresh, inquiring eyes – can be transformative. Without this revelation, we cannot resolve the paradoxes and mysteries of living together. And without conflict, there can be no progress, growth or new beginnings.

Most people instinctively shy away from confrontation. Yet our ability to deal effectively with conflict determines the direction, nature and quality of our lives. All personal renewal and organizational change begins with confrontation. Pressure groups confront legislators. Employees confront management. Students confront teachers. Teenagers confront parents. New lifestyles stimulate confrontation. Innovation occurs when we are dissatisfied with the status quo. Change happens when we confront inadequacy or complacency.

Confrontation means facing up to reality and “saying it like it is.” It means dealing with the tangled web of issues, problems, values and potentialities that otherwise debilitate relationships. It means holding others accountable. A difference of views, however trivial, is a confrontation. How often have you observed a mishandled disagreement escalate into rage? Without the skills required to manage and de-escalate conflict, constructive win-win outcomes are almost impossible.

Based on reader testimonials, this is what Amazon is saying about The Game of Life:
“This timeless book outlines the guiding principles and essential rules for preventing turmoil in important business and personal relationships. It shows you how to alter or use the intimidating, insensitive and obnoxious behaviours of others to your advantage: to achieve greater harmony and productivity with far less conflict or dysfunction. It is yet another great read from the contrarian mind of Dr. Jim Murray.”

I know some of my subscribers have read the print version. Their views can be found here.

Sorry for using my blog for a commercial message but I thought you might like to know.

The Game of Life: A live Conversation (also available on Amazon)