Becoming… what you really want to be

Becoming… what you really want to be

What kind of life do you seek for yourself? What is it that you want to change about your career trajectory, your current situation or your really big challenges? Do you know where you want to go but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Feel you haven’t achieved your full potential or arrived at the personal or professional plateau to which your aspire? If not, isn’t NOW the time to “change it up”? If you choose to ignore that reality, you are the architect of your own misfortune.

This life-altering course was created by Dr. Jim Murray on the 40th anniversary of a stellar career dedicated to enabling adults to realize their innate genius. It is designed purposefully to provide you with the framework and the tools and guidance for becoming extraordinary, regardless of your destination.

No matter what your starting point, you can become better. Why spend the rest of your life doing what you don’t enjoy or what doesn’t fully nourish you? Is being “just good enough” the legacy you want at the end of your days? If, despite your many talents, you haven’t arrived where you want to be, are at a crossroads, between jobs or just want to get off the treadmill, this may be the day that you find a new path to success and renewed inspiration.

You already know nothing of great significance will ever happen to you by staying in your comfort zone, just “getting by” or doing ordinary, boring stuff. What you likely don’t know is how to change your direction. We succeed in life and do remarkable things by acquiring certain critical skill sets, by understanding how to navigate the obstacles and by having a workable plan of action.

Topics include:
❏  Why are we unhappy and can money buy happiness?
❏  Why we invariably fail to achieve our full potential
❏  Getting beyond OK: What determines your future
❏  Why we so often cling to the old way of doing things
❏  The specific traits that distinguish those who succeed
❏  The six ingredients of becoming what you want to be
❏  Is luck a critical factor in determining your destiny?
❏  What if you desire change but don’t know where to go?
❏  Career management: The best time to move on?
❏  Where the journey begins: Ruthless self-assessment
❏  The basic tools: A map, a compass and a flashlight
❏  Learning how to tack against the winds of change
❏  The difference between average and exceptional
❏  Aligning personal priorities with time and effort
❏  Mapping: How to figure out a solid plan of action
❏  The secret to your success and how to achieve it
❏  How to find a good coach and build a reliable network
❏  Defining your compass: How to make tough choices
❏  Finding trusted influencers and getting good advice
❏  Self-promotion: How to sell yourself and build a brand
❏  First impressions: How to make one that connects
❏  Gatekeepers: Surviving hiring & performance interviews
❏  Becoming extraordinary: Power, politics, risking & drive
❏  Building self-confidence, competence and self-motivation
❏  The meaning of a life of purpose and how to live one

**  Includes a Pre-course Workbook and instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.