Managing the Multi-generational Workforce

Managing the Multi-generational Workforce
Coming in 2021

How people approach their work is greatly influenced by the year they were born. Managers need to understand how these differences affect workplace productivity, efficiency, engagement and the ability to embrace change. Those socialized in different economic and political realities inculcated different life-forming beliefs and thus have distinct generational values and preferences that drive their behaviours. They emulated different heroes and heroines, watched different movies, listened to different music and were influenced by different inventions and technologies. Hence, they have a completely different sense of what really matters in their lives. Understanding these needs and derivative challenges for the workplace is critical to managing, leading and liberating all of them to do great things.

Any enterprise that understands the value of diversity, is sensitive to these contrasting but often conflicting psychographic profiles and has acquired the requisite skill sets to build collaborative and cohesive teams will thrive in an uncertain, volatile, complex world order. But “one size does not fit all.” What you may think should motivate them is irrelevant and frequently counter-productive. Recent research states the obvious: the vast majority of managers encounter disagreements between younger and older employees on a regular basis. And, unintentionally, they are often the cause of it. This webinar is designed to give you the insights, tactics and strategies for breaking down the barriers that impede multi-generational communications and performance.

The topics:
  • Cohorts: Who they are; what they want
  • Psychographic differences and similarities
  • Reconciling the needs of older vs. younger
  • Working for Type A and younger bosses
  • The next generation: Hold your breath
  • Alignment: Getting everyone on the same page
  • Common motivators: Building high performance

* Includes a Pre-course Workbook and instructional manual of Supplemental Notes.