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“Thinking Beyond the Box” has been offered continuously since 1982. Invariably, in feedback and testimonials, attendees have asked for more. In particular, they seek further instruction and guidance on the specific tools and techniques for improving their creative thinking and problem solving skills.

A recent report in the Harvard Business Review notes:  “The idea that people can simply decide to think differently from the way they have in past is delusional. They need tools that bring a new dimension of insight.” These tools force the brain to think in novel ways, often contrary to one’s prior training or what is generally described as analytical thought.

In Part 1, participants are made aware of the unproductive thinking patterns,  unconscious biases and mental traps that block them from realizing their full creative powers. They learn the principles for releasing human potential and thinking beyond the limitations of self-imposed barriers but are not specifically schooled in the techniques for doing so. They discover that the lens of rational analysis is not up to the vital task of understanding how our future world will unfold. And they likely conclude their current thinking style is more a prison than a platform for greater accomplishments.

To get better results, you have to do things better. To do things better, you have to think better. This highly interactive workshop is designed to give you practical, easily implementable methods for liberating thought – both personally as well as in the workplace. It will also demonstrate how you can ensure an active, healthy brain and the life-altering benefits of doing so.

One attendee in the inaugural course described her experience as follows:Part 2 was truly amazing. Right from the start, with ‘take three of your personal problems’ and let’s work with the tools, I was able to develop solutions to some very serious problems I thought were unsolvable. This provided the breakthrough I needed and the change in my brain was priceless. And I especially appreciated the self-care section.”

Who will benefit:  Any one of the thousands of people who have already attended Thinking Beyond the Box (Part 1) and who found the day both enlightening and empowering in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. You are encouraged to bring your most troubling personal problems and difficult organizational challenges with you to test the effectiveness of the tools to be explained and tested.

Workshop sessions include

  • Overview of the key creative thinking principles;
  • Application of individual and group thinking tools and techniques;
  • How to introduce and apply these methods in your workplace; and
  • Lifestyle changes required for growth, transformation and longevity.

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