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Each of us has the potential to think more effectively. The first step is to rid ourselves of the unproductive thinking patterns and mental traps that constrain us from achieving our full potential. This provocative one-day workshop is predicated upon two key notions: that happy, successful people think differently and that you can change the way you think.

Most executives rely on the lens of rational analysis to solve their problems and peer into the future. Unfortunately, that approach is no longer up to the task. Imagination is the mind’s faculty for recognizing patterns that are neither contiguous nor logically related and for looking around corners to anticipate emergent challenges and high-risk events. The critical question is whether your current thinking “box” is a prison or a platform for greater accomplishments.

Brainpower is the currency of the future. The ability to think better is the most significant competitive advantage you will ever possess. Your ultimate success lies not in what you know but rather in what you do with what you know. How you think determines who you are and what you can become in the time remaining. Only one thing is certain: any comfort you may have with respect to your current job, industry or marketplace is likely misplaced.

To compete for the future and advance your agenda, you must change your traditional thinking patterns, change the way you look at problems and change the way you ask questions. You must understand and overcome the barriers that impede your creative thinking and judgement. You must change your point of view, not only of the world around you but also of yourself. For only when you can truly think for yourself can you ascend to places, positions and realities you never thought possible. So heed the warning: this course may change your life.

The best solutions to today’s complex problems already lie within you (and within your organization), provided you know how to release them. Our social conditioning and organizational cultures have produced comfort zones where thinking is habituated and creativity blocked. Only by expanding and “airing out” that frame of reference can we move from the zone of predictable thought into the zone of breakthrough thinking and the realization of inordinate potential.

Information is the enemy of intelligence. Learn new techniques for thinking through problems in a society that prizes the relentless but often unproductive pursuit of ever more information and is fundamentally risk averse. Discern between data, knowledge and insight. Discover the real meaning of intelligence and how to untap yours. Gain a deeper understanding of why the presumed obstacles to opportunity, things like insufficient time and fear of failure, are little more than self-perpetuated mental walls and myths.

Topics include

  • Why thinking beyond the box is so critical to your future success and happiness
  • How your current thinking styles determines who you are and where you will go
  • Why rational analysis is no longer up to the task of dealing with today’s challenges
  • Defining your box: how it came to be and what to do about it in the future
  • The self-imposed barriers, mental traps and blind spots that impair your thinking
  • Brain neurology, cognitive biases and distortions: understanding how we think
  • Overcoming fear and risk aversion and discovering your innate intelligence
  • Why harnessing your intuitive powers is a better way to deal with complexity and chaos
  • Intelligence and creativity: How smart are you and how smart do you really have to be?
  • How to shift your frame of reference to achieve mindfulness, focus and breakthrough ideas
  • Overview of problem-solving windows, tools and techniques for thinking laterally
  • How to critically evaluate and get others comfortably on board in support of your novel
  • Personal liberation and transformation – the next steps on your journey.

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