Our workshops and short courses are available for presentation on a contracted, in-house basis with some degree of customization permitted.

In making enquiries or requests, please be mindful that we:

  • Cannot compress our existing courses (see the menu bar on the Home Page) to fit a timeline of less than one day. We can, however, deliver a minimal number offour-hour presentations” (including participant activities, if requested) based on selected topics as described in greater detail in the descriptions of current offerings.
  • Strongly advise that bookings at certain times of the year (particularly in the June and October-December periods) be made well in advance of the desired presentation date(s) as these dates are invariably secured well in advance by longstanding clients;
  • Prefer an audience of sufficient size to optimize the learning experience (depending on the subject matter);
  • Provide supplementary instructional materials at no cost (except for books when requested);
  • Will prepare a complete outline of logistical needs and costs for your consideration on receipt of the information requirements outlined below.

Should you have an interest in hosting an in-house presentation, please contact us with the following information:

  • Preferred or requested date(s) of presentation
  • Location of the presentation
  • The specific course (or the nature of the topic/s) requested
  • The probable number of participants
  • Your learning objectives or deliverables (should they differ from the course description)
  • Who you are and how we can contact you (preferably via e-mail).
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