Although frequently asked, given the degree of customization often required, we only occasionally accept invitations to deliver keynote addresses and motivational talks.

That said, we can and do build on prior talks. The average presentation time is 1.5 to 2 hours (please see the example provided below). Presentations based specifically on the client’s learning or messaging objectives may be subject to a development fee.

If your request is for specific topics, or a collection of same, selected from our various course offerings, then talks can easily be assembled without additional cost. Please review our course/program descriptions for topics that might appeal to your audience.

Also, if requested, our books, diagnostic and/or participant exercises can be provided (or developed) to enhance the impact and memorability of your presentation. When ordered in quantity, our books are provided at a 40% discount to retail.     

Here is an example of a recent two-hour keynote address delivered to a group of franchise owners:

How to be successful (in life and in business)

Ever been gripped by the notion that you (or your business enterprise) haven’t realized your full potential. Or that you’re just not operating on all cylinders? No matter what your starting point, you can always get better. In fact, with some expert guidance, you can become extraordinary. This achievement requires a conceptual framework, some essential tools, certain critical skills and the insights derived from decades of success.

As is always the case, following the presentation and audience feedback, the client indicated that “all our objectives were definitely met!

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