We customize our program content to fit your requirements. You may either select the topics from the detailed curriculum descriptions under Leadership Development or Workshops & Courses or, in the alternative, we can design the training experiences you desire, based on your objectives and definition of learning outcomes.

All training courses or shorter modules contain instructional manuals (provided at no charge) and some contain pre-course workbooks to ensure the attendees are prepared for the learning experience and ensure your investment is maximized.

What follows are just two examples of customized four-hour training modules based on topics covered in other courses:


Focussed, motivated and committed employees represent your biggest expense and greatest opportunity for sustainable competitive advantage. And, while employees are ultimately responsible for their own performance, the  task of creating the right environment for unleashing their unlimited creative capacity falls to those in supervisory roles. To build a high performance team, mangers need to know what makes a team great and why teamwork doesn’t get the attention it deserves. They must know the #1 cause of low performance, what sustains it and the reasons people underperform and eventually leave. They must know how to solicit and deliver genuine two-way feedback, deliver constructive criticism, correct problem behaviours, prevent chronic underperformance and deal appropriately with highly sensitive staffing issues and concerns. Attendees will complete a pre-course quiz and some readings in advance of the course.

Topics will include:

  • What makes employees and teams effective today
  • How to raise individual and team performance
  • Fundamental principles and tactics of engagement     
  • The art of encouraging genuine two-way feedback
  • How to give and receive criticism that produces results
  • How to correct problem (and chronic) behaviours
  • Dealing with those “prickly” subjects you’d rather avoid.


In most businesses, time is money. Yet research also suggests that today’s workforce is inefficient, unproductive and feeling overly stressed, apathetic, distrustful and entitled. Addressing these kinds of issues and challenges in a knowledgeable way is the manager’s #1 job. High-performance managers know how to diagnose team effectiveness and zero in on areas of weakness. They know what ultimately drives people to want to give their best efforts. Passion, creativity and initiative can’t be commanded; it is only freely given when the right circumstances are in place. Most managers don’t have a clue what working smart, not hard, actually means. And, in increasingly multi-cultural workplaces comprised largely of knowledge workers, they also need to know how to manage and inspire both younger and older employees. This training module seeks to address these challenges and more. Attendees must complete a pre-course quiz.

Topics include: 

  • The basic tenets and enablers for building high performance
  • Diagnosing and measuring team effectiveness and agility
  • Building organizational trust: The fuel that drives innovative entities
  • Efficiency: Ideas and tools for accomplishing more in less time
  • The productivity gap: The difference between effort and results
  • Simple solutions to the performance challenges in today’s workplace
  • Becoming stress and dispute-free: Recommended process and tools
  • Motivating and reconciling the needs of older and younger workers
  • Getting people to work smart rather than burning out hard
  • The art of delegation (in all directions): Benefits and warnings
  • Defining the manager’s job in building a high performance team.
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