Given our mission of unleashing human potential and changing lives, as well as our decades of experience in working directly with executives of every professional calling, we are increasingly providing individual coaching on leadership and high performance.

Our ideal client is either a senior or ascendant executive who is comfortable and willing to accept truth to power, who wants to lead with greater confidence and conviction, and who is genuinely earnest and sincere in the desire to pursue a new or higher purpose.

This website (our courses, books and blog topics) should answer whatever questions you may have and also provide the assurance you may be seeking about what we do, how we do it and why.

We do not charge for initial or early consultations until a mutual “comfort level” or fit is achieved as this is the critical foundation to ensuring ongoing success. Make an inquiry, tell us what you may want or need in an executive (high-performance) coach and let’s see if there could be a measurable ROI for you and your career aspirations.

Client Testimonials:

… profoundly powerful counsel encouraged me to review my life choices with renewed introspection. I found myself reassessing both my personal and professional goals, making thoughtful decisions and choices about the future.     Partner, Toronto

  • … the advice is always relevant and resonates. It’s like a crack of light shining into a dark room and provides wise counsel, especially in times of despair. His wisdom is my rudder for continued growth.
    Manager, Winnipeg
  • … I have had the privilege to learn from Jim Murray for the past four years. I have hundreds of emails and pages in my notebook filled with his thoughts and advice.
    CEO, Toronto
  • … this coaching will not charm you. It is no nonsense, direct and to the point, offering hard truths and down-to-earth advice based on decades of eclectic experiences.
    CFO, Vancouver
  • … after nine years in progressively senior roles, I decided to take a monumental leap – a courageous and scary decision. Jim’s insights and no-nonsense way of delivering his message really connected with me!
    COO, Toronto
  • … unlike any other experience I’ve ever had – the knowledge, insights and tips gained in three sessions was far superior to the six months of executive coaching I received elsewhere. … changed my life.
    CEO, Vancouver
  • … an overwhelming experience! The best insights I have ever received as to what I don’t know and how I need to change my way of thinking, doing and acting if I want to succeed.
    Manager, Brampton

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