I am fascinated by demographics (and psychographics). Decades of experience in change management, talent development and crisis intervention have honed my belief that human nature is largely [...]


Working Smart

The data is clear: we work longer and harder than ever before. We take work home, do what we think “must” be done, or what we’re required to do, and try to do it as best we can. It doesn’t seem [...]


Musings – Part 1

Choosing blog topics is a weekly or bi-weekly adventure for me. Normally, something in my relationships, research or practice will trigger a subject that begs further exploration and marination. [...]


The Art of Persuasion: Part 2

There are two ways to move people: either by force or by persuasion. That choice is always yours. Persuasion is the ability to get what you want from others while making them feel genuinely good [...]


Simplifying Tough Choices

The quality of your life and the prosperity of the organization you lead is entirely dependent on your ability to make good choices. We make hundreds every day. Some may not qualify as important [...]


Tenacity and the Secret Sauce

Tenacity predicts success more than intelligence or ability. While it helps to be smart, it’s not what will ultimately determine your future prospects or decide your fate. There are plenty [...]


What is Wisdom?

From the beginning of recorded time, people have been intrigued and fascinated by the presence of the wise person in the room. Aristotle said wisdom is the realization of one’s ignorance, a [...]


Dealing with Atrophy

One of the fundamental principles of physics is the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of entropy. In simple terms, it means that uncertainty, randomness, disorder and chaos are [...]


Becoming Likeable

An increasing part of my work, particularly with younger professionals who are dubbed as “high potentials,” involves providing instruction on what may be the quintessential ingredient of [...]


When Strength Becomes Weakness

We have strengths and we have weaknesses; it’s what makes us human. To ascend, we believe the objective is to eliminate our deficiencies while promoting our better qualities. Let me prick that [...]