Based on well over 40 years of research, teaching and experience in virtually every negotiating arena, The Optimal Negotiator is your road map to superior deal making. Learning how to negotiate the optimal way is a journey toward happiness, freedom and personal fulfillment. Given an almost world-wide demand for the book, it was again republished in early 2015.

Early readers summed up their feelings about the book this way:

“ … powerful advice succinctly  presented.”

“ … magic bullets borne of  eclectic negotiating wisdom.”

“ … if your goal is a better deal, don’t leave home without it!”


This is a book about enhancing the quality of your life. Applying its practical wisdom and savvy insights to your personal and business negotiations will make a measurable difference in your important relationships and therefore in your future.

The Optimal Negotiator is the creation of  Dr. Jim Murray who has been researching, teaching and practicing this time-honoured craft over the course of four decades. His accomplishments at the bargaining table run the gamut from commercial transactions and collective bargaining to corporate acquisitions, from counselling hostage negotiators to mentoring CEOs, from training military officers to advising parents on the art of dealing with troublesome teens. His time-tested discoveries and advice are presented in 88 easy-to-digest principles.

An adult educator by training, Dr. Murray believes that success  flows from an understanding of some fundamental, profound truisms. The object of life is surely to simplify (rather than “complexify”) those essential principles that can enable us to realize our aspirations and make a real difference in everything we do. Many intellectually brilliant people fail to appreciate the value of common sense. The purpose of The Optimal Negotiator is to give you these simple, concise common sense principles that are the foundation for consistently achieving the winning edge.

In keeping with this commitment, Dr. Murray presents his counsel in an easy-to-read, abbreviated fashion. Digest his invaluable advice thoughtfully, in bite-sized chunks whenever your negotiating challenges dictate.  In time, with patient application, you will discover the immense value of these proven lessons for winning.

Dr. Murray tells us that if we don’t know how to negotiate, we cannot solve our problems. If we cannot do that, we can neither control our lives nor grow as humans. It follows that we are unable to become our best, that which we may be destined to become. And, if that doesn’t happen, we will never be completely happy.

Let The Optimal Negotiator be your guide to making richer, more stable deals. Let it become a valued companion to be consulted whenever the bargaining situation or adversary seems difficult, complex or daunting. Learn how to negotiate the optimal way and discover the path toward personal fulfillment, freedom and happiness.

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