We are gratified that our books have reached a worldwide audience with orders received from countries as distant as Scandanavia to the Pacific Rim. Here is one that especially pleased us given that the success of this particular audience depends entirely on the ability to negotiate:

I recently purchased a quantity of your book, The Optimal Negotiator, as gifts for some of my clients – real estate agency leaders. After distributing the books I received so many requests for additional copies that I had to order more. One of our leaders, an extremely profitable business owner and an avid reader, said, “It’s the best negotiation book I have ever read!”  Take it from me, he has read many. I agree with him, and I have read many.

Negotiation is an important topic, one that everybody encounters in his or her lives on an almost daily basis. My advice to anybody who wants to improve their knowledge of negotiation is to buy and devour a copy of The Optimal Negotiator by Dr Jim Murray.

– Gary Pittard, CEO, Pittard Training Group, Sydney, Australia 

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