Dr. Jim’s fourth book… and best yet.

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Early readers summed up their feelings about the book this way:

“… brilliantly combines neurology, psychology and philosophy.” 

“… the principles and practicalities of becoming extraordinary.” 

“… a road map to changing your life … if you believe you can.”

“… for those at mid-life, mid-career or searching for direction.”

“… identifies the innumerable opportunities inherent in life’s richness.”


This book is about the rest of your life. You are not here to do what’s already been done and your time is precious because it’s finite. The past is gone but an extraordinary future awaits – provided you have the essential guidance and are willing to choose the path that fulfills your enormous potential.

Dr. Jim Murray, a distinguished adult educator, has been recognized at the university level for “excellence in the design and delivery of lifelong education.” In fulfilling his quest to liberate genius and change lives, he shares his time-tested discoveries and practical insights with those seeking to find their life’s purpose. While anyone, regardless of age, would find immense value in his straightforward advice, his intended audience consists largely of those at mid-life, mid-career or in the midst of a search for new meaning and direction.

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