What is Wisdom?

From the beginning of recorded time, people have been intrigued and fascinated by the presence of the wise person in the room. Aristotle said wisdom is the realization of one’s ignorance, a [...]


Dealing with Atrophy

One of the fundamental principles of physics is the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of entropy. In simple terms, it means that uncertainty, randomness, disorder and chaos are [...]


Becoming Likeable

An increasing part of my work, particularly with younger professionals who are dubbed as “high potentials,” involves providing instruction on what may be the quintessential ingredient of [...]


When Strength Becomes Weakness

We have strengths and we have weaknesses; it’s what makes us human. To ascend, we believe the objective is to eliminate our deficiencies while promoting our better qualities. Let me prick that [...]


Artificial Intelligence: A Primer

Should we fear AI or embrace it? A dumb question, I know. Thinking we have a choice is as nonsensical as opposing the Internet 30 years ago. Just as the world-wide web changed the way we live, [...]


Can You Stop Worrying?

A lot of people worry about things they can’t control. Research says almost 40% of us do it every day. Worry is a mental strategy aimed at adapting to situations we view as uncertain, unknown, [...]


Improving Feedback*

Most people are lousy at giving helpful feedback. But, without frequent and candid appraisals of our behaviour, we’re incapable of addressing deficiencies, recognizing strengths overdone or [...]


What is Learning?

Learning is a lifelong, life-altering skill. What builds and shapes our intellect is entirely within our control. Understanding and enthusiastically accepting this simple principle enables us to [...]


Gullibility in a Post-Truth Era

The Annals of Gullibility, written by Stephen Greenspan about a decade ago, is a summary of research into how to avoid being duped. Two days after he published it, Mr. Green discovered that [...]


Making Good Decisions

In a recent McKinsey Quarterly survey of over 2,200 executives, less than a third said the quality of their decisions was “generally good,” almost two-thirds thought bad decisions were “as [...]