In addition to our proprietary learning experiences, we offer the following customizable services:

Strategic Counsel

Building and Managing High Performance

Crisis Intervention, Facilitation and Mediation

Strategic Counsel

We have provided counsel to over 600 organizations in the public and private sectors on a myriad of complex issues, challenges and concerns.

We design and conduct performance reviews and audits of corporate leadership and provide realistic recommendations for instituting best practices, ensuring accountability and streamlining decision making.

We are conversant with the issues and paradoxes of today’s world order, particularly those that confront and confuse businesses leaders. We understand the nature of the forces every entity must address in designing a future of choice.

We have a proven track record of diagnosing and fixing underperforming, ailing or dysfunctional organizations as an appointee of governments as well as profit-driven clients.

Building and managing High Performance

We offer a variety of services and solutions that effectively address contentious, time-consuming, expensive performance and culture-related issues. Our reality-tested techniques apply to challenges that range from diagnosing trust issues and aligning performance expectations to creating “new rules” that reduce workplace disharmony and dysfunction.

In a recent survey of 2,500 organizations (Deloitte, 2015), only 6% of respondents said their performance management system was “worth the time” invested and only 8% said it “drives value” – i.e., encourages employee engagement and high performance.

70% of managers today say they “don’t look forward to conducting employee appraisals” and only 10% of workers say they get a performance evaluation that tells them “exactly where they stand.” There is a correlation in these findings and an easy way to fix it.

One of the world’s top management consulting companies estimates it spends close to two million hours a year on performance management, from completing the forms, holding evaluation meetings and assessing results. How much of that time could be more profitably invested in revenue-generating activities?

Our performance management services consist of several interlocking components, from diagnosis and analysis to tools and training for managers on how to conduct performance dialogues, deliver feedback, deal with behaviour myopia and correct problem behaviours .

To discuss our approach to building high performance, drop us a note.

Crisis Intervention, Facilitation and Mediation

We have been selected, often on a competitive basis, to serve in a variety of conflict resolution capacities at local, institutional and international levels. These engagements have included the roles of mediator, conciliator, ombudsman, facilitator, intervenor, fact-finder and lead investigator. The work we especially enjoy is as “the third party of last resort” – a label given us by a provincial government ministry for our work in resolving seemingly impossible stakeholder disagreements.

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